RonenRonen Shani, Head of Productions
With Experience of more than 20 years in the Animation and post production industries, specified in international co-production as well as domestic production, and with shows airing in more than 200 countries. Ronen delivers a solid leadership in his role as a producer and executive producer when creating a flexible, and intelligent interface with partners overseas and members of the team.  Ronen’s international coproduction experience including working with worldwide lead companies as Nelvana, Brown Bag, Zodiak, Infinite Frameworks, High1 entertainment, Fox baby TV, Saban Brands and more.

Gili Dolev, Head of  Development
Gili is the writer and director of the BAFTA nominated and multiple award winning pop-up animated short, “The Happy Duckling” and the festival hit “Promise Land”, winner Best Animation at Clermont Ferrand. In 2002, he co-founded the UK-based where he developed and directed animated content for all media platforms. Joining Primus Design and Animation as their head of Content Development, Gili wrote and supervised direction on a number of pre-school series for FOX’s Baby TV.



Gilad Piker, Creative Producer, Head of Digital Development
With more than 14 years in the television industry, Gilad is an experienced project manager, specialized in Video and Audio production. From pre-production and early stages to the final delivery to the customer.

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